In early 2007 underground hip-hop artist DJ Ignite alongside Ken Estes met at a party. The following evening Dj Ignite observed a newscast where Ken was raided at a medical marijuana club in Richmond Ca. Dj Ignite and his natural feelings of anger and frustration came through on a song he wrote titled "Leave Ken Alone" with this song  MEDICAL MARIJUANA MUSIC was born. Dj Ignite related for two reasons, he himself was raided brutally and not charged. Ignite whom was also a patient at that time was not charged and felt Kens pain. The first and only ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA MUSIC  album titled Medicine Man came to surface. 20 tracks produced by KLOU and written by Ken and DJ Ignite and  featured artist like E-40,Mike Marshall,Total Devastation,Celly Cel, Robsawne,,Tone-E,J-Diggs and more. It's 2014 now and still going strong with more than four MEDICAL MARIJUANA MUSIC AWARDS  Australia's MMA's. Most recently the digital release of GDP2 Family Felonies and the launch of the new original GDP merchandise while fighting the good fight is where we are at. Catch us at the next Cannabis cup and or Expo. GDP GENETICS AND GDP MUSIC 2014. Below are some videos including LEAVE KEN ALONE which was originally released on WSHH (worldsarhiphop) only to be removed by DEA after reaching well over 10 million plays in only 3 days. Enjoy and FREE THE WEED! 1luv